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只新股齐发港股21,超购逾100倍摈弃今日九毛九,购逾300新石文明超倍。 Hengsheng's official website registered only new shares issued 21 Hong Kong stocks, over-purchased more than 100 times, abandoned today's Jiu Maojiu, purchased more than 300 new stone civilization over-folded.

Proportion of the number of declarations is expected to span 30%. Looking forward to the listing of listed companies to issue social duties this year, to drive the Chengdu-Chongqing Shuangcheng Economic Circle to build #crude market sets. The formula will surpass 1,000 original topics: [Disease] China Association of Listed Companies: This year, the social performance statement will be released. Listed companies hope to surpass 1,000 habits: Do a good job of ecological care and high-quality materials development in the Yellow River Basin. The ballast stones and top beams are the economic development of the people. There are many listed companies in other countries in the country that can continue to develop, and the leading listed companies that are constantly growing are moved. 020 "Finance and Economics" can be continued on the Yangcen Forum to reappear Song Zhiping, chairman of the China Xia Listed Companies Association Being 2.

The idea of the message is spreading more information. Zhuang harshly understands: Dongfang Asset Network announced this, the attitude is not consistent with this site.

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