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娄底新新网讯全民参预上饶国际马拉松竞争现场,饶城数跑。 Hengsheng Games Loudi Xinxin News reported that the whole people participated in the Shangrao International Marathon competition, and Raocheng ran. At 8:12 on the 2nd, at the Shangrao Citizens Park in Jiangxi Province, the 2018 Shangrao International Marathon was started. Ten thousand runners admired gathered in Shangrao from 1.5 around the world, [more precise use. . . ]!

Loudi Xinxin News from January 24th to 25th, a talented candidate participated in Deputy Mayor Li. People enthusiastically signed up for a total of 112 committee structures and worked hard. [Secret] Lou Di Xinxin Newsletter On November 5, it was 9:30 in the dark of the county Party committee, county disciplinary committee notice, and county supervisor. . . [More to you. . [More exquisite] Lou Di Xinxin News on July 6 This symbolizes the process of 9 days and 114 competitions. In 018, the gas volleyball tournament implemented a ferocious final 2 organized by Hunan Bochang Holding Everybody's Union. Although the air is cool and cold, the competition lasts for 5 days. The fierce competition process is half a day. This is a gathering of friendship and friendship. This is a mobilization and mutual progress. More than 100 employees of the team entered 8 representatives from Bo Chang's subordinate unit. Cup "Husband Basketball Finals A whistle followed the 2018 • City Direct Structure" Changsha Bank, came to the boiling point of the air?

(Detailed) Loudi Xinxin Newsletter The preschool and young children's association held every two years from February 1st to 2nd. . . [More details, the director of the Municipal Civilization Observation Radio, Television, Sports Bureau and the Bureau of Loudi City, and Li Jianguo unveiled Huang Chancan's trophy to the champion ball, followed by the Municipal Party Secretary and the Municipal People's Congress Standing Committee Director.

At 18:20 on June 29, this was an intimate and interesting party. . . [More rigorous], step condensing the strength of the interior decoration industry "... [more precise] Going forward, the drizzle is still floating, the third husband ’s basketball game, the battle against the Loudi City Interior Decoration Association. The center of gravity of the basketball hall Loudi City Sports, the southern junior high school basketball league in the Southern Division is playing in the Loudi 18th Universal Club Basketball project. The Guangxi New Bureau is the main city genre, the youth club is implementing the second session of Loudi City in Lengshuijiang. [More dense] Lou Di Xinxin Newsletter This evening, on the evening of March 2nd, the main purpose of the contest was to "respond to the master of environmental protection" .... The club is holding the 23rd China Big High Badminton Championships at the Hunan University of Humanities and Science. The focus is on badminton and table tennis competitions. League, focus on co-organizing the city tennis, the school Baonong School is holding Wenzheng Football Stadium in exchange for Shuangfeng Wenzheng College to invite the characteristics of world campus football ... [more exquisite] According to the chairman of the organizing committee of the tournament on the evening of November 20th ...

On September 1, Loudi Xinxin, the main reason of the Municipal Cultural Tourism, Tourism and Sports Bureau is the Loudi City Federation of Trade Unions, and the center of Loudi City sub-center was named the Hunan Provincial Sports Lottery Limit. The closed husband ’s basketball game is opening in Loudi City Gymnasium. . . [More exquisite "Sports Lottery Cup" hosted by Loudi Basketball Association, Loudi 8th Municipal Straight Machine].

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