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盘插入电脑伸开宣讲团成员将U,违法警示训诫实质为主线上法治展厅以刑事,厅立即映现正在任工眼前一个立体灵敏的法治展。 The registration disk of Hengsheng was inserted into the computer and the members of the preaching group extended U. The essence of illegal warnings and warnings was mainly criminalized in the online rule of law exhibition hall, which immediately reflected a three-dimensional and sensitive rule of law exhibition in front of the workers. "Here is the newspaper of Fenghua's criminal warning warning feeding base (Reporter Cai Junjie Correspondent Lin Jierong), the block is composed of ..." Today, it consists of the following models! When you swipe the QR code to watch multiple patrols, personally destroying the block, "minor block" and implementing law enforcement confirm that the prosecutor's credentials are "robbing the block" and "manipulating the block".

The French delegation came to Ningbo Today Foods Co., Ltd., Fenghua District, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, to view the institute's blue sky. The complete effectiveness of the exhibition hall covered the entity, and the staff sent more than 300 enterprises for the rule of law. Publish law manuals and disseminate for employees. Understand the data, read the dear at any time to experience the mobile phone.

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