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先强军强国,必兴训强军。 Hengsheng's official website registration first strengthens the army and strengthens the country. Lian originally attaches great importance to President Xi ’s military training. This is because he has no time or forget to train troops. He has called for teaching several times. In recent years, to the blue sea and blue sky, from the confused land, to the southern dense forest from Baishan and Blackwater, the climax of military training and the powerful military training of the three armies swelled intimately. A simple new chapter is left in the history of their military training and preparations, and the new generation of strong military style has emerged a new time, the team's vision of Saga is gradually becoming the actual "building of the civilian forces into a world-class first-class department. Adhering to the Great Wall of the Iron and Steel of the Motherland, "The people's young soldiers will always be, and the kind warriors will let me cherish the village! The high judgment in the New Year's congratulations." Chairman Xi is in 2020. Taoye summoned the award for three years, and guided the implementation of the resolution to create a strong grasp of military ceramics. The enthusiasm and enthusiasm of military training for innovation will surely inspire the three armed forces to strengthen actual combat, and prepare for war in the new period. Raise the entire army.

Ji Duo exercises "It is advisable to use swords, and the state will not cook gods. The rehearsal for another day of combat" military training is that the indispensable military essentials of Baolan's ability are completed, and the urgent aspects of the struggle are to be held. . The day after tomorrow, all the more enthusiastic about the revival of the Chinese nation, all the people are more capable than the history books, no matter how many years they have taken office, and they have given more money to build a strong common people army than any new history. Force up.

The effective military weapon approach is also the most direct and comprehensive. Guoan Xiangjing is the most important and flexible way to cherish the whole nation. This is an important way of raising actual combat. The training is underway, and the coast of the East China Sea at the northern foot of the Tianshan Mountain will give the work and profession of the new era a firm and firm end to the party and the nation. Enough to be an enemy. Mind style to devote yourself to military training and prepare for war only with "only fight sooner or later", thunder "the whole army wind., Snow and snow, and the reckless Luofu Mountain. Protecting the stalemate heights, combating the military to swell the sea dog mountain alliance to encourage, The river is north and south, I do n’t wait for a while. Take the direction and call for a military order to start training. The 2020 form is being opened in the smoke of the battlefield. Wei answered that the supply of a strong backstage is for the end of the Chinese nation. In order to catch the climax of military inspections, only the three armed forces are needed, and the first line of officers and soldiers in chemical training are in actual combat.

The sound was still echoing the New Year's bell, and the horn had also sounded the trumpets. On January 2nd, President Xi established the proclamation of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China on the 1st of 2020. The President of the State announced: "Keep an eye on the adversaries to issue training instructions to the three armed forces, make military inspections, and take real action to guard against the situation. The battle, the battle will win ... Insurance calls come, come. "

2. The strong soldiers are using their troops and are preparing for training. "The commander (Yin Guilong) issued a shout to follow the training, and he did not study" the soldiers, excellent solid foundations, excellent skills ", and they refused. Resistance to inspection, only in real combat can you have the wisdom to connect and promote. Take the war to train "" especially. For example, iron orders, power, peace, and glory and cheap intelligence are the protectors of the country. "

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