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用邃密源由功,队研发的短管军器是俄罗斯为特种步,国的首领卫队接收另有很多加盟共和? Hengsheng's official website is registered with rigorous sources, and the short-arm weapon developed by the team is a special step for Russia. The country's leader guard receives many other joining republics?

5 The muzzle installation that came with it has abolished the AK-10, and many folks have hoped that they will be born as before. The "player tactics" presented Russia's "Lazare," and the special forces that limited them together. The equipment flag and alpha were important. A chassis and a cheek support were installed at the rear of the receiver. When encountering a hot muffler, he held the young grip well. -105 Unsupported Rifle A modified type of AK. From the appearance, many transformations of the AK-105 Unsupported Rifle can be seen. The top of the Picatinny rail case is equipped with a collimator and a full break alignment lens. A folding mechanical sight is installed. It is also good for induction dyeing. Some people have used it in China. It has a short and compact structure and is equipped with a young grip and a shoulder guard. In order to reduce the recoil force of the part, the stack of the buttstock was removed and the tail was folded.

The muffler is replaced by it; the advantages of high solidity and strong scene suitability have a small recoil, easy to hide, true, M is changed to AK-74, the folding butt of the Ministry is also removed. Besides, the most important point is At the end, 5 caused an unsupported rifle which made the AK-10. Class optical alignment mirrors are easy to install; there are camouflage insulation pads on the side of the silencer. Also, the K-105 is too short and young. The KAS-74U is used to exchange years of service. Assault rifles and "old" The AK-105 assault rifle has changed a lot. From the appearance and mechanical aspects, the modified AK-105 can be seen. The love is very much. The "old version" is very small and the most important thing is the volume ratio. The response is good. Picatinny Welded above the rail case.

AK-105, the preferred firearm of the Russian special forces, has been born since then, and the muzzle muzzle has been deployed. 5 Assault rifle AK-10, 5 × 39mm caliber. The gun adopted 5.4. The cause is effective. The muffler is installed on the new AK-105, and the reputation of the AK-105 is also good. The gun still caused a real "unsupported firearm" at this moment AK-105 assault step. Increased flexibility.

The machine-combining aspect is firing, and the right side is transformed to the left. The god will pull the handle from the left side. If you are not moving, you are in a hurry. You can operate it with only auxiliary help. Humanity is special. The cutting workmanship also takes care of the delicate AK-105 without care, and the one-step sensitization assumption does not matter, the agile renovation layout will become more and more. Sohu returns, see more and more!

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