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晰地修筑了底部形势原油月线已较为清,的危机得以临时缓解是以国际金融市集,大跌之后被强行拉回美国三大股指正在开盘,油价值也冲高回落固然昨夜国际原,远趋向来看然则从永,美股跌势造止了,冲高之后皆有所回落黄金与原油正在大幅。 Hengsheng Games clearly built the bottom situation. The crude oil monthly line is relatively clear. The crisis was temporarily relieved. The international financial market was forced to return to the United States after the plunge. The three major stock indexes are opening, and the oil value has also surged back down. Of course last night For the international market, the long-term trend seems to be permanent, and the decline in the US stocks has stopped. After the surge, both gold and crude oil are falling sharply. Already broke through the high point of the previous year because of the international gold value. After the transfer, it is expected that the precious metals will be suitable at the end, and another day will be extremely turbulent. Therefore, the Middle East is the topic. The red disk closes and ends with this dangerous situation.

Zhumen's economy needs to be reversed, such as Japan. In view of the sharp rise in international crude oil against Central Europe, trying to turn the tide of Wall Street last night, the probability is as high as ever.

Distress spreads. However, sometimes the format Wall Street is currently trying to build finance, and the human machine will destroy the area again. Maybe a few missiles and a few missiles will be lost. The deadlock of the world will be ridiculous and Iran will surely fight back to the United States. New attacks are being built in Iraq and Ilya. The conflict between the United States and Iran is difficult to reconcile, and the United States is also facing a high-risk situation in the Middle East. The tension in the Middle East remains tight.

Goto ’s first finger deduced Tianji ’s current major international investment banks and opportunities. Lang Junyi ’s every move closely focused on the United States and Iran, the price of gold and crude oil trembled and his eyes were staring. Mai continued to put satellites. , There are skeptical doubts that panic the bull market in the US and European stock markets.

Don't shrink like the United States.

As for the increase in the late stage of oil, as for the international source, it doesn't matter whether it is gentle or intimate and more closely related to the Middle East. The US economy is more aware because the value of international crude oil is correct. If the US economy is stable, the crude oil output in it must be solid. Concord, such as Saudi Arabia and other oil-producing countries, will step up with Canada at the same time. generation.

Immediately after New Year's Day, and caused the fire rice crackers, Lang this horse honeycomb stunned Iraqi, the alarm of the emperor sounded the Middle East geological warehouse, Jin Shuang both rose so that gold and black, is a skyrocketing gold value. During the Asian session, on January 6, the stock market plummeted in Japan and India, and then the green European market opened. The world's stock markets were generally ruined in a sudden bull market.

Comparing with the vicious adjustment, I called for safekeeping in the short term, and if I might burn my gun at any time in my career, I would be closed in the middle and short term, and I would like to rise further. You may see that you are reluctant to move from the moon line, and take the initiative to attend the diagnosis and treatment of events in the Middle East. Therefore, many international strengths are in the market. If you are still in the United States, the problem is closed, and the market is dying to hedge international finance. The value of the central crude oil that Heng usually rebounds is Zhongyong.

Looking at the shape of gold, gold and black have a higher probability of continuation. However, a high level of security is a warning to the market. Therefore, it is necessary to hold a grand inspection stance, so as to deal with the turmoil of Wall Street, the sensation has just begun. At present, the market in the United States and Europe is not going to be oblivious to the important factors in the short term.

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