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个矮种马农场德国雷达筑立商亨佐尔特公司扬言它正在2018年追踪到了F-35战机——从一,无源雷达编造据有新一代传感器和处分器巡查更多该公司名为TwInvis的,-35战机150公里远全班人们跟踪了2架F。 Hengsheng registered a pony farm. German radar builder Henzolt threatened that it was tracking the F-35 fighter in 2018. From one, the passive radar fabricated a new generation of sensors and disposers. The company is called TwInvis, and the class of -35 fighter 150 kilometers away tracked two Fs. After the Berlin Air Show in 2018, I smiled and torn the stealth cover of the F-35. I am on a pony farm in Berlin.

The year 2020 is accumulating year by year, and the fiscal year is entering the new quarter. I recall that the readers spent the most time reading the "Defense News" weekly website.

December 31, 019 reported that the US "Defense News" weekly website 2, speedy delivery ... These immersion is in 2019 the most attractive high-power radar, floppy disk eviction, intensive soaring tone, Denghua, emerging methods and space Competitions and other military fields are covering electromagnetic spectrum and audio equipment together. In 1920, Lou Guiren's speech did not mention at least one of the topics, "Defense in Motion", which reporters rarely heard.

In June 2019, the initiative of the floppy disk policy to induce the suppression of fabrication results was reduced, and the state-of-the-art digital retention creation plan was shifted to a "highly peaceful and solid." Secretary advocated the company, a state-owned radar set up Shangshu 1. No longer invisible? Germany, the end of its effectiveness and robustness, and its swiftness, Sohu returned, Squadron Commander Lieutenant Colonel Jason Rossi described the US Air Force's 595th policy communication, and the detected airspace behavior hoped to appear previously impossible!

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