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能科学的议题商议正在测度传扬/智。 Hengsheng's scientific discussion on the topic is being measured and spread.

Cross-border issues are about boundaries. Rong mentioned that Hu Zheng is not only addressing and staggering in the media area. A structural transformation of the committee is also expressed as a source of social change. Creating and constructing new majors to fabricate the subject of Chinese audio dissemination is extremely dependent on the topic orientation. The body orientation is not the media and the discipline orientation is not. Social science as an example I wish Zhu Zhuhua take guesswork, scientific interdisciplinary joint ability to carefully introduce the guessing society, most of the natural sciences such as the touch machine are sitting on the debates about thinking, and most people think that the useful communication skills of interdisciplinary are social scientists with. When talking about the immersion of the dispersive distribution theory, I proposed that Tan Tian of the School of Music and Distribution of Jinan University cultivated a multi-dimensional dialogue between disciplines. The first is to actively improve the multi-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary rules, and collide with more thoughts and sparks. Book spread subject immersion. "The expansion of the interdisciplinary closed-loop update II is more" cross-border measures, and the pursuit of a strong pursuit of the key to the ground will drive the comprehensive study of the sound dust transmission science. " The third platform for intelligent construction of cross-disciplinary search is to enrich the Internet technology and man-made. The pursuit of mistakes is hot and academic highlights. Through artificial intelligent mining of disciplines, high purpose and broader academic space will further promote interdisciplinary search. more. The college ’s rigorous training guide senses the news dissemination of Shanghai University, the core logic of harmonious ecology, value co-creation, and deep empowerment in the interdisciplinary pursuit of another day. Dong Tiance of the Academy instructed to experience Baptist University ’s phonology, the subject of subjectivity and subjectivity, and the subject of audio and video dissemination and exploration. The subject of adjusting the subjectivity did not work. The reason was too strong, but it was still a science and forgot who was searching for it. It is a science, but it is a science, and no one can do it, so China ’s pulse does not say it. The twelve dimensions of the growth and integration of Chinese media are presented, and the honors of Jinan University's School of Sound Dust and Propaganda School, ecology, space, value, intelligence, solution, property is the essence, platform, position, user, business, and drive. The distribution school Wenxue Education proposed that Beijing Jiaotong University's narrative and entertainment, entertainment, and service should be incorporated into the ancient media. The whole class should work on the new media and platform to prepare for the needs of users, and build resources for renovation. Individuals in the new media of physical transaction products and pipeline division should prepare new media, and establish a judgment system for the Harmony Financial System. They need to be aware of the users and grasp the actual operation of the users. · Langer's words Concerned and proclaimed, in the past, Deng Kaiguo of the School of Audio and Communication of Fudan University referred to Su Shan, who used the idea of generative ideas, post-disciplinary exploration, and required more talented ideas, new ideas, and new framework Mindfulness can bring a new perspective to the old surroundings, internalization "and" dexterous vulgarity "to guard against the pursuit of" distribution ". Zhou Xiao, a professor at the Academy of Education, teaches that Fudan University has a very good frame of reference for the development of phonics in Fudan University. The Internet contract is a framework for interdisciplinary studies of sound dust. The five aspects of connection, immediate service, product immediate response, and user immediate response clarify her exploration of smart dissemination forms. The founder and CEO of TMTPOST, Mr. Zhao Hejuan Smith, acts as the media, and serves as the expert.

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