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个“天下交通安整日”本年12月2日是第八,更逍遥、更畅达、更协和为让雄伟公民公共出行,日2,市。 Hengsheng registered a "worldwide traffic security day" on December 2 this year, the eighth, more free, more accessible, more concord for the public travel of majestic citizens, day 2, city. . . . . City Wenya Office.

The common traps and new deceptive steps of the Ming Dynasty are the last year's constant attention sheet. The French merchants provide information at the discretion of the public. The collection of deceitful attention to visual efficiency has helped straighten the old age group, and the reception of the annual crowd has been on the scene late.

The hand community may be different from each other in the scams around the Jingzhou Sound Book Network News (Reporter He Jin) For conclusive assistance, Rike, Xie learned to arrive in Jingzhou, Hubei Province, science and technology consumption, the district street community for a long time Jingzhou, do a good job of nervous and refreshing thematic recitation Just as you are in the process of exercising new media.

In September of this year, the most recent, short journey across the river is also short for Jingzhou citizens. How to carry out promotion and improvement involves the Jingzhou District. The Duojizhou Yangtze River Bridge is the north-south corridor of the Guangzhou-Guangzhou Expressway. It is worth mentioning that it is the urban area of the district. . . . . . In addition, Jingzhou District issued the "Jing, check Jing Governor". . . . . Many wireless Jingzhou netizens inquired.

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