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推介云南石林为进一步宣扬,名度和嘉名度扶直石林的着,融会到记者,2月至3月2020年,尼)刺绣。 Hengsheng's official website registered and promoted Shilin of Yunnan to further promote the popularity and popularity of Shilin's work, and brought it to reporters, from February to March 2020, Nepal) embroidery. . Yi people (Sa?

At 8 am on November 23, the on-site office of the passenger return center (Kunming Airport) officially opened. . Located in Kunming, Changshui International Airport, Yunnan Province, across from G-zone.

"Holiday is coming on the occasion of" National Day, 2019 ", a leisurely and harmonious holiday for the rich travelers to pass, the legal authority is to guarantee you, issued. . Is here!

To be announced now. On December 25th, the National Pilot of National Wetland Park's Acceptance Status of the Pilot Project was issued. The National Forestry and Prairie Bureau issued "For 2019, the limited company (hereinafter referred to as Mou ... The list of representative inheritors of the representative project of the intangible cultural heritage at the national level was issued in the 2019 National Wetland Government ... Yiyuan Garden, Qingboyi Community, Gonghe Town, Muding County, Chuxiong Yi Autonomous Prefecture ?

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