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r)即是人为智能与投资咨询的蚁团体智能投顾(Robo-Adviso,手以及组合表面(MPT)的正在线投资商酌管事形式它是一种集中人为智能、大数据、云谋划等新兴身。o数据表现Credi,畴从2014年的43亿美元美国智能投顾行业工业统治范,年的近4000亿美元一跃飙升至2018,常急忙兴旺非。场有用性的验证通过美国资本市,治理基金或者打败商场只消不到10%的主动,理思大为风靡被动投资的,顾的阛阓根蒂这是智能投;方面另一,资垂问付费形式相看待板滞的投,产物门槛低智能投顾,福到专业化的指数基金摆设劳动客户支配幼额幽闲资金也能纳。研发的一站式指数型基金智投产物“年糕智投”湘财证券于2018年推出了业内第一款自决,置模子、多账户估值编造以及音问再平衡算法这五个环环相扣的步该产物原委客户损害画像描写、多因子指数基金甄选 Hengsheng's official website registration is the robo-adviso of artificial intelligence and investment consulting. The online investor of the hand and combination surface (MPT) is a form of discretion. It is a centralized artificial intelligence, big data, cloud Creativity, such as planning. O Data shows that Credi, from the US $ 4.3 billion in 2014, the industry dominance of the intelligent investment and advisory industry in the United States, has jumped to nearly US $ 400 billion in 2018, and has often flourished in Africa. The verification of field usefulness has passed In the U.S. capital city, governing funds or defeating malls only take less than 10% of the initiative. The rationale is popular for passive investment. Gu Jiegendi is smart investment. On the other hand, the form of investment and payment is regarded as stagnant. The investment threshold of the product is low, the intelligent investment advisor is low, and the professional index fund of Fuda is equipped with labor customers to control young leisure funds. The one-stop index fund research and development product “Rice Cake Smart Investment” developed by Xiangcai Securities in 2018 Introduced the industry's first self-determination, model building, multi-account valuation fabrication, and audio-rebalancing algorithm in five interlocking steps. The product's original customer damage portrait description, multi-factor index fund selection 2. Quantitative macro distribution.

May wish to innovate the client's service and understand the clerk model under the fintech revolution; let us kill the intelligent marketing based on categorized data management; know the client's legal requirements, needs, and favors. It is possible to complete the user portrait through temperament. Featured securities companies with more employees, more effective officers and more adequate service situations will have a wider range of services for customers. Customer management of Changlong Road brokerages, which will be facilitated by online and offline joint ventures, will be virtualized and intelligent.

Able to communicate with the science and technology of the survey process, user names, mobile phone numbers, homes, emails, etc. The data industry's data model has private audiobooks (for example, Rong Technology Co., Ltd. compiles ambitions to build construction funds. Customer groups and My most demanded work is to find the one with the most price and profit potential. The fifth is to deepen the financial science and technology; Duan is a customer who needs to master intelligently and work with old-fashioned proficiency and data perception. H) Lively planning (2019-2021 Years "China Qunduo issued" FinTec (FinTec, martial arts martial arts continues to advance, "one-way video account opening" update business trials start and end of 11 securities dealers that Xiangcai Securities is currently in.) Brokers also served as securities companies first and third.

For a long time, the brokerage companies in the Half-Heaven paradise of Ji's business support income used to rely on sustenance. The rate reform has come in recent years, but in recent years, it has moved from a thousand cents closed to an even-numbered securities company with even commission levels. At the same time, with the opening of the "Zero Commission for US Stocks", more and more surface securities have gradually expanded to domestic brokers to reduce commissions. It is said that the operating capital of the branch staff and other branches of the company have a large number of branches and fight for war, and how to get rid of the rebirth.

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