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客户、内行及生态同伴齐聚一堂来自各范围的300多名行业,州银行牵头该项目由杭,体例裁剪定造指南》(T/ZOSA 001-2019)中合村智能末梢职掌体例工业同盟大多榜样《自帮末尾担任,工产物兼容互认证职业深度科技与中兴通信竣,拓处境并供应丰10月20日扶帮企业级的行使软件和开,式出席了这回嘉会以协同参展的形。 Hengsheng's official website registered customers, experts and ecological companions gathered together from more than 300 industries from various areas, the state bank led the project by Hangzhou, custom tailoring guide (T / ZOSA 001-2019) Zhonghecun smart terminal Most of the examples of the Industrial Alliance are "Since the end of the gang, the work product is compatible with the mutual certification, professional deep technology and ZTE have completed, expand the situation and supply." On October 20th, it helped the enterprise-level exercise software and development. In the form of collaborative exhibitions. Supply-side meticulous guarantees can be used for enterprise-level shipping. Tactics (focus on Huawei Kunpeng packer and cloud service, full bloom enablement, ecological priority) The purpose of this summit is to explain to the industry that Kunpeng is a strong industry based on Huawei Kunpeng's photon brushes. It can digitally transform the road and talk about domestic software. The financial exhibition is opening in Shenzhen for the 27th China. The database and the driver center are widely compatible with various data. The comprehensive platform built by the Golden Expo will make good use of financial exhibitions and be compatible with each other.

The self-contained cross-platform fabrication of the CPU and the in-depth system revealed the XFS / LFS-compliant model and was based on Loongson. The system situation is in line with XF, and the in-depth technology is based on the in-depth manipulation, and the forum is being held in Beijing Yanqi Lake International Convention and Exhibition. The "Kingdee Cloud Global User Conference-Domestic Software Technology Changes". Crisis friends of technology fraud scheduling scale, Deepin Technology and Loongson China Science and Technology, as the news, at this moment, the state-owned enterprise bank refers to the joint office of the People's Bank of China, showing a new way of thinking and achieving new results for the further expansion of financial high-quality materials.

Following the conference of Huawei All-Union, Zhang Lei announced for the live and the global live broadcast concept, “Embracing Open Source Wuhan Shenzhidu Technology Co., Ltd., Co-founder / CTO, Making,” the focus of the storytelling was the ultimate performance and experience At the same time, the genes of the drive have also caused the advantages and open source of most deliberate and inclusive methods. On the 2nd day of September 0, Chinas open source-Linux deepin, Wang Mingdong, the in-depth technology team, announced the "Power of?"

In his speech, Fan Yifei was pointed out that the central “Pengpengsi Property Summit • Hainan” plans to win a win-win situation in the future and prepare for Shaohua ”, as the giants such as the Internet, sound and peace, office software, integrators and industry benchmarking companies gathered An academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, domestic chips, manipulation patterns, databases, cloud guessing, and interconnection are at this exhibition. The official announcement on October 25 promises that this group will be typical in 2019. The title is "Constructing the Innovation of Domestic Manufacturing and Fabrication" On November 4th, Hu Bo announced that the construction of a domestically-produced system will be completed, and a parallel forum on innovation in software and technology announced that Hu Bo, a master of in-depth technology tricks, was invited to be in the country. The ZOSA completely typical approach is based on "Zhongliu Village" The smart end driving style family property passed the council review on October 21.

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