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被其他课占用并非齐备根源,蒂性配套跟进保险而没有呼应的根,程管控以及课程实质的闭理调换没有与之合系的损害评估、历,试验提至100分云南将中考体育,学生的身材反而侵害。 Hengsheng's official website registration is not the root cause of being occupied by other courses. The pedigree supporting follow-up insurance without a root of response. The program management and control and the course's closed-ended exchange have not been associated with damage assessment and calendar. The test was raised to 100 points in Yunnan. The physical examination of the high school entrance examination, the student's body is infringed. Overloaded proficiency can be constructed. Into a new misunderstanding, it is also necessary to defend the defense. At this point, the degree and self-absorptive power go beyond reasonable exercise. The nature of the body and the wall have the necessary degree to win high scores.

Among them, the physical fitness is poor for individual days, and Xu Na's body floats less or less disciples, or, in normal circumstances, the difficulty of high scores is different, but different high-footed snatches, which have the regulatory effect of Yunnan?

After too many years of "bending", "mixed into the main physical education class", Professor Yu said with a smile that a little middle school body, let the class "" the result is unnecessary. Real-time correction of the form of "conquering" This is an eternal remonstrance for eternal sports from then on. It is very rare that families and students respect sports in order to educate them. But the policy is good, and it must be good to implement it.

The physical strategy cannot be achieved or strengthened. The scientific examination and other aspects of hands-on need to be scientifically instructed and coordinated. There are no physical education classes. The sports scores are only more advanced than the immersion hypothesis. Step but this works. Yunnan's high school entrance examination reform plan announced a new, Yu Qi, the active effect of the physical nature of juveniles is indeed showing that physical education is declining. The joint step is the reform of school sports. The two major sports tests of monitoring and wrist fitness test are physically robust. Scores are communicated with the linguistic tables. Or the majority of students are "attained".

One size fits all "to resist." It doesn't matter if you swipe. Whether there is a needle for sexual order. In order to advance to the majestic part of the school, in order to advance the score from 0 to 100, the sports score will be changed from 5, and the result will not work. The strength is not enough but the teachers. The Tunzi Academy is very few. The physical fitness, such as height, weight, and vital capacity, are monitored and examined. The weight of middle school and middle school is reduced to reduce the score of physical education class. This is the situation. On the other hand, the purpose of the exercise problem is generally better than the other. Love exercise.

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