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月3日12,0深圳时尚家居运用周音尘宣告会正在深举办中国人居存在形式与糜费趋向论坛暨202,文告会的式子一改保守消歇,音书公布会以资产论坛的式子召开此次2020深圳时尚家居筹划周,尚家居调度周的亮点和实质有何合系? Hengsheng's official website registration month 3, 12, Shenzhen Shenzhen Fashion Home Use Zhou Yinchen Announcement Conference is deeply holding the Chinese Habitat Existence Form and Mi Fei Trends Forum 202, the formality of the Announcement Conference has been changed to be conservative, and the audio book announcement conference will be based on assets. The forum held the 2020 Shenzhen Fashion Home Planning Week. What are the highlights and essence of Shangjia Scheduling Week? What's the effect of the combined skills in the transformation of wealth? When the Central Plains Habitat Existing Situation and Disappearance Trend Forum and Shenzhen 2020 were discussed, how will assets and corporate performance help the Central Plains Habitat living form and consumption trends?

Hou Kepeng is exposing the chairman of the Shenzhen Furniture Industry Association in the keynote speech. The cause of the role model and role model of the machine is based on all thinking and advanced strategies. The Shenzhen Furniture Industry Association is becoming a “central China society and democratization in just 20 years. "Modern operations such as arbitration, enterprise operation, and market-oriented service" have evolved from a long strategy of "one advocates the four big shoulders" to a long-established strategy, origination, and stalemate. "Shenzhen International Furniture Fair to continuous transformation and upgrading. Hangzi Furniture Home Base, China The School of Degree Assets Incubation has successively established Shenzhen Furniture Design and Reclamation Institute, Saide Testing, Quality, Star Rating, Shenzhen Standards, etc., and then introduced China's green products with good quality, which are implemented step by step to finalize the established occupation. Shenzhen furniture industry The association is in the process of making the international furniture exhibition of the furniture exhibition equal to Milan, and continue to prosper and efficiency for China's furniture industry.

The former negotiator of the home furnishing industry and public housing wealth Shenzhen Fashion Home Placement Week, as always, Captain Takuya Masaru, one of the curators of the housing exhibition, held a special sharing forum on the daily living situation in Japan to explore the Japanese city life style The director, Shenzhen and the international exhibition of 2019 and 2020, the trend and the tide of the central exhibition? HYM, hey, yinxiao and co-founder Lin Yimin expressed that the 2020 Shenzhen Fashion Home Application Week is another way to create a way for young people to pass away. The urbanization of the year has brought Japan back to the past. 20, Secretary-General Hong Youhui went to the Shenzhen Furniture Industry Association. The transformation of Uyghur started from the beginning, and the home asset chain was built with cross-border emphasis.

Creativity was created and presented to the group of wasteland exhibitions to create a supply for the installers and reproduce them. × Hormones and other young offline cold places creatively create homes × music laughs × pavilions, bringing new consideration and temperament to hardcover. People of all scales in the asset chain missed the fine dressing, and quickly turned wealth into hardcover. The ingenuity that they have always made in the direction of their day is toward North Korea in a confused state of affairs. It is not the trend of hardcover, provocation, creative square, hardcover forum and other projects and activities. This time the 2020 Shenzhen International Hardcover Housing Exhibition will be held in the community. Repair, cover, repair materials, home furnishing and other full wealth chain resources. Shenzhen fashion home plan Zhou process bought through real estate, building, and the new trajectory of the Japanese Habitat Changlong is exactly the current and comprehensive person of the Central Plains. The curator He Yongkang said in the performance as the Shenzhen International Hardcover Room Lu Zhan, Zhou Qiwang hopes to resume this forum Shenzhen Fashion Home relocation, new problems and new opportunities China's tool industry is facing, and the cross-border rectification exhibition will create a pan-family home.

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