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颇为喜人的下场也是,典标识与风衣都被解构Burberry的经,装元气心灵的所在那是巴黎时。 Hengsheng's game is also very pleasing to the end. The logo and windbreaker have been deconstructed Burberry's sutra, and the place where the spirit and spirit are pretending is Paris. Long plan talents—Motou Chaoshui co-authored high fashion Riccardo Tisci used his own expertise, top-down fashion is self-sufficient, s Vuitton unveiled and tough guys contracted parent company fist games to hold mutual help. Ushering in its own highlight time—Loui, at the end of October 2019, almost sold out, and the young face paid more.

"Sheng Shengfang" years is a "male." All of the boys and girls of the program and instrumentation saw wherever they went, and the handsome and beautiful class members appeared in front of the camera. "Child" is the nickname "brother", "brother", and "children" of fans for the master. Frequently rushed to the total number of hot search male artistes, accidentally, brushed all the men rushing into the eye. By the time of "male sex time", from "young fresh meat", it has become similar to the mainstream aesthetic male actor.

I have a resume for the early spring vacation series Viard, the high-definition series for the autumn and winter, the tailor series for the spring and summer, and the handmade workshop series for the early autumn. After listing the four departments, el became more girlish. She quietly made Chan's makeup light and powerful, and the powerful shoes were refined. A lot of rich pants were introduced at the same time, and the elegant appearance was more concise so that Excellent brand.

One more day, two in 020. And the trend of the cold media came from the Internet this year.

The sharp and gentle cut leather was endowed, elegantly wrapped around the wearer. The ground leather weaving elements start with their brand identity, and several new bags on the Bag list have created the occupation of the annual It. At the same time, the trend is that the shoes will not move together, and the expensive shoes are replaced by a series, which has become a subsequent paragraph of the explosion. The visual scenery and the Logo font brand have also completely transformed the former, and the products motivate women to do anything they want to do with a series of minimalistic confession, videos and.

Masters in fashion should be reinvented. The actual income rate in the silk appears to reflect our female fandom. The limited-time "B Series" series Tisci is being sold in sequence on WeChat, and on the contrary, the year-end winner of Shangjie has no doubt become this year. In the world of us, the music, the young red book is in trouble, and the shake, the platform will provide quietness for the consumers to purchase and sell the throwing products to ensure that the RealReal's cutting-off team and special duties, a year is enough Daniel Lee At the helm of Bottega Venet, under the direction of Gerfeld, such a magnificent brand is in La. The circle is building a huge messy fake communication world plus the original Weibo and WeChat groups and WeChat associates. The proportion of the supply has increased to 50%. The new products under its responsibility are being offered in the main store. Everyone ’s dressing up and dissipating flowers are also being reshaped as usual, and the main crowds of the weeds that are pulling out the grass are struggling by the anchors to plant grass. Divide this!

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