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等体例举办投资运作经历布局性利率掉期。 Hengsheng's official website registration system and other investment operations have experienced layout interest rate swaps. The idea under the condition of planning and quiet capital: the company is being guaranteed daily. The product is an organic product. Product investment objective: The company's income is forfeited. The purchase of principal-guaranteed products is deceived and the idle self-owned assets are added to CITIC Bank Co., Ltd. Wuhan Branch. It has 300,205 shares of high-quality, quiet and shocking property management products. Code: 300205) Fraud's own capital of 190 million yuan. The results of this manipulation in order to raise blood.

Under the plea of Heping Taiping, the company is guaranteeing the daily preparations, purchasing short-term capital-guaranteed housekeepers, and exercising the occasional idle of their own capital. The prosperity of the company's main business will not affect the company's daily blood this week. It is estimated that the income of RMB 2.077 million can be used to confiscate the current period of the confiscation department.

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